What Is Wrong with Being Hungry?

I get this same question every time my wife and I do our weekly one day fast – “But don’t you get hungry?”  My answer is always a resounding “YES.”  I will often ask the person; what’s wrong with being hungry?  We are constantly told by experts that we need to eat 3 meals per day along with 3 small snacks.  They tell us to eat every 3 to 4 hours so that we don’t get hungry and to maximize our metabolism.  Well, the higher your metabolism the faster you are aging!  I don’t think there are many of us that want to get older faster!  The average American will use up to 70 percent of their daily energy requirements digesting food.  It is no wonder we have so many coffee shops in America we are using caffeine to push us to the end of the day.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of ads each day on TV, the internet, in magazines, etc., that promote appetite suppressants, so we don’t get hungry.  I will ask again what is wrong with being hungry?

I grew up hearing my parents and grandparents talk about the way they ate growing up and it was never more than the 3 squares per day; if they were lucky!  Many of the meals were very skimpy left overs.  The plates they used were about the size of our salad plates; no where near the size plate we use today.  Their days did not consist of snacks in between meals.  To see the results of the “old school” way of eating, and a much more active life style, just look at some of the news clips and movies up through the 1960’s and you see very few overfat or obese people.  I remember my dad talking about the days of going hungry because there was not enough food for 3 growing boys and 2 adults.  These days we can’t bear the thoughts of being hungry.  What has happened to us?

We are living during a time in man’s history unlike anything we have ever seen before.  Man, now produces enough food so that every adult and child on the planet can have over 3000 calories per day – everyday.  The average American now consumes 500 calories more per day than we did just a few years ago.

I think that all of us realize we don’t have to feel full and satisfied all day long to be healthy.  If you want to feel better, have a clearer mind, have more energy, lose weight and live longer; just be a little hungry!

Follow These Steps: 1) Use an app to track everything you eat and drink for a week to establish your current baseline calorie intake, 2) the average adult male should be around 2,000 calories per day – women 1,500 so if you are higher than those numbers drop your calories down to reach these, 3)  after 30 days at those levels drop down another 200 – 300 calories which will be your goal numbers, 4) Focus on nutrition density by cutting out the processed/man-made foods and replace them with whole grain, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other lean sources of protein, 5) Get 150 minutes of exercise per week!

Your Coach,

Mike Inabinett

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