Joining a Gym Versus Working Out at Home

Its that time of year when New Year's Resolutions are in full swing and people are desiring to lose weight and get in shape!

We all need to exercise. It keeps our hearts in good shape, helps us maintain a healthy weight, and can even improve our outlook. So, it's important to do whatever we need to do to make time to work out a few times a week.


Joining a gym is one way that many people motivate themselves to exercise. But others argue that you can get just as good of a workout at home.


Here are some things to think about when you're deciding whether to pay that membership fee.


Pros of Joining a Gym


* Gyms have lots of high-tech exercise equipment. Their machines make it easy to target the areas you need to work on and monitor your progress. And the variety of equipment to choose from makes for a more interesting workout.


* You can take classes at the gym. Most offer aerobics, yoga and other common types of exercise, and some teach more obscure types of exercise. Going to classes is a good way to stay motivated because it offers an opportunity to socialize, and it also helps you learn the proper techniques.


* Just having a membership can be a powerful motivator. When you look in your wallet and see that membership card, you'll be reminded that you need to get your money's worth out of that monthly or yearly fee.


Cons of Joining a Gym


* Money used to pay for a gym membership could be used for other things. In today's economy, most of us are trying to save money any way we can. When you could be working out at home instead, it may be hard to justify paying to go to the gym.


* Working out at the gym means you will be working out in front of other people. That's not a big deal for some of us, but for others, it can be a deal breaker. Those who are very self-conscious or have social phobias may be uncomfortable going to the gym.


* Having a gym membership doesn't guarantee that you'll reach your goals. While making the effort to work out is a good start, you'll have to make it to the gym a few times each week to see results. Just having that pretty card in your wallet won't help.


The gym has a lot to offer those of us who lack motivation. Their fancy equipment and specialized classes have a way of keeping us interested. But if you can make yourself do it, you can get just as good of a workout at home with little or no equipment. You can work out when it's convenient for you, and you don't have to pay a fee to do so.

To Your Health,

Mike Inabinett


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