10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Personal Trainer

How often have we seen movie stars strutting across the red carpet in their new buff body?  The interviewer will then ask, “How did you get your awesome new look?”  The celebrity will go on to describe their fantastic new workout by their Personal Trainer!  Why did they hire a Personal Trainer?  It has been demonstrated repeatedly that hiring a Personal Trainer is one of the fastest and most successful ways for an individual to improve their health and fitness!

Thirty-Five years ago, when I started in the fitness industry the only place you would find a personal trainer was where the Hollywood celebrities lived, California and New York.  Today, people of all economic backgrounds, fitness levels, and age hire personal trainers to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

Could You Benefit from Hiring a Personal Trainer?  I hope as you review these 10 questions you will have a real clear idea about your need to hire a Professional Personal Trainer.

  1. Do You Need to Improve Your Overall Fitness? Fitness Industry Surveys tell us that the primary reason people hire a professional is to assist them in improving their overall fitness – cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture.  A Personal Trainer can help in monitoring progress and help you move past plateaus.


  1. Do You Need Help With; fat loss, toning or shaping your body? A qualified Personal Trainer can help in establishing realistic, healthy and safe goals.  Plus, these are the areas where the encouragement and motivation provided by your trainer are so critical!


  1. Do You Need Help Sticking to Your Health and Fitness Goals? We all have had well-intentioned plans, but self-sabotage has a way of derailing the best plans and intentions.  Significant lifestyle changes require the replacement of old bad habits with new good habits which require time.  A Personal Trainer can help you through the valley of discouragement and assist in making those new habits stick.


  1. Do You Have Any Unique Health Concerns? Obesity, Heart Attacks, Diabetes, Dementia, are key concerns especially as we age.  Not to mention lower back pain, injuries that require rehab.  Most of the clients that hire a Personal Trainer do so because of special medical and long-term health issues.  A Personal Trainer can join forces with your physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or other health providers to design a safe and effective program based on your unique health and fitness issues.



  1. Do You Need Help with Proper Form and Technique? I can’t begin to count the number of times I have seen a new fitness program end abruptly as a result of an injury because of poor exercise form and technique!  A trainer can help you with selecting the right exercise equipment for you and making sure to document the correct adjustments required for safe and effective movement.  Your Trainer can also make sure that each exercise is performed correctly decreasing the risk of injury and getting you the best performance outcome on every exercise.


  1. Are You Limited on Time? Time is the number one reason I have heard from people for not exercising.  A qualified trainer can help you maximize your time and your results by designing a program that works in your busy schedule.  It does not require much time to improve your health and fitness!


  1. Is There a Recreational Activity or Hobby That You Would Love to Do or Get Back to Doing? Often our health and fitness are keeping us from enjoying our favorite hobby or may be keeping us from checking off that adventure on our bucket list.  Your individualized program can get you back in the game or ready to take on that once in a lifetime adventure.


  1. Are You Interested in Improving in Mind, Body, and Spirit? New challenges in these areas are so important for long-term health and well-being.  New activities, new experiences are important in making sure we are becoming all we were created to be.  The right trainer can open doors to help you improve the connections in these key areas of life.


  1. Do You Need Help Being Held Accountable? The success of the Buddy System!  When you know you have an appointment, and someone is depending on you to show up you are much more likely to stay the course.  When you know you have someone dedicated to your success your commitment level increases and so do your chances for your getting the results that will keep you moving toward your goals.


  1. Do You Want to Gain Control Over Your Health? The Goal of Your Trainer should be to help you become independent.  Your ability to take control of your health and fitness for the long-term will be the result of your trainer and you working together to develop the program that provides the solution to the what, when, where, how and why of health and fitness.  Your Personal Trainer will help guide you to the place where you are confident in taking the ultimate responsibility for your health and fitness.


Decision Time.  There is no better time to start than right now!


Yours In Health,

Mike Inabinett

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