Exercise Will Never Overcome Our Poor Diets!

I have been saying it more more years than I can remember, “the best exercise to lose weight is decreasing the repetitions your hand makes to your mouth”!  Most of us will never lose weight if we do not control our diets.

The biggest problem – Sugar!  We are a nation of sugarholics.  We consume it by the pounds more than any population on earth.  Our health care system is struggling under the weight of our sugar obsession.  We should all keep a very close watch over the labels on our foods and how so much of the sugar is hidden with selective wording.  Let us educate ourselves to the danger of sugar in our diet and begin today to eliminate it with more healthy options.

I can recommend this book Body Wisdom Natural Health in You from a friend of mine Beatrice Hair.  She has an entire program built around the information you will find in the book and the program has produced outstanding result for individuals struggling with Diabetes.  Check out her website and start a new path to weight loss and better health.

Checkout this article from Forbes!

Your Coach,

Mike Inabinett

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