Do You Need Nutritional Supplements? Part 3

Yes!  Vitamin and mineral supplementation is necessary we covered the first 4 reasons in Part 2.  They were:


1) Crop Nutrient Losses – decades of agriculture can overwork and deplete food crops. One study showed six minerals have been reduced by as much as 76% between 1940 and 1991. (" The Composition of Foods", 1991, MAFF and the RSC).

2) Nutrient Variance – There are substantial differences between one fruit or vegetable and another.  One tomato can have 10 times more nutritional value than another – which tomato did you eat?

 3) Food Selection – A tendency to eat a limited range of food groups and not eating enough from a wide range of multiple food groups result in nutrient deficiencies. 

4) Food Omission – Allergies to foods, crash dieting, and poorly designed vegetarian diets omit significant dietary sources of nutrients.


In Part 3 we will cover 7 more reasons why you need a nutritional supplement.  


5) Imbalance – The level of each vitamin and mineral in the body has an effect on others, so if one is out of balance or missing, all can be adversely affected.  With antioxidants, one is not nearly as strong as several combined as each greatly enhances the power of the others.   We already looked at how we have arrived at a totally imbalanced diet and this has been happening for decades now and the results have been deadly.  The rates of the so-called age-related diseases continue to rise and can no longer be associated with the older populations.  It is evident that our imbalanced, nutritionally dead diets have a dramatic development of these disease in our younger populations.

6) Poor Digestion – eating too much or too quickly, stress or an imbalance of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract can disrupt the delicate gastrointestinal environment. This imbalance can reduce absorption of vitamins and minerals. Poor digestion is common among the elderly. 

7) Overcooking – overcooking can easily destroy valuable food nutrients.  I can tell you for a fact that most of the foods I ate growing up were overcooked.  Our vegetables were cooked to death and loaded up with things like fatback, bacon drippings, or some other animals body parts.  Of course, don't get me wrong, I ate lots of it and loved it all - there was not a food I did not like.  But, when it came to nutrition those vegetables had lost all of their nutritional value.   

8) Microwave cooking – studies suggest that microwave cooking alters the nutritional structure of food. (“Pediatrics”: vol. 89, no. 4, April 1992).  Not only does microwaving your foods alter the structure of the foods but it as overcooks the foods making them no different nutritionally then overcooked foods.  We are a microwave nation with a very high percentage of our food being radiated before consumption.  

9) Environmental Factors  Excessive herbicides and pesticides are used to produce more crops, leaving them with low nutritional value.  The plants own antioxidants are exhausted in its battle with these chemicals.   Each year in America, 300 different chemicals are sprayed onto 95% of the crops.


10) Antibiotics – Antibiotics alter the gastrointestinal environment and can interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients.  The CDC tells us that 4 out of 5 Americans are prescribed an antibiotic every year.  Not to mention the other medications that also have a negative impact on the absorption of vital nutrients. 


11) Poor Lifestyle Habits – Smoking, alcohol, and caffeine can displace or inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals or accelerate the loss of nutrients.  If we add up all the numbers for these 3 lifestyle habits, not to mention legal and illegal drugs, and poor sleep patterns, our lifestyle is having a damaging impact on our well-being.


12) Stress – Stress, be it physical or emotional, can increase the body’s requirement of vitamins and minerals.  America is one of the most stressed out places in the world.  Americans are reporting rising levels of stress and with this will come the damaging impact on both our mental and physical health.


I know that many of you will remain skeptical about taking nutritional supplements and I can understand since so much of what is in the market is hype but there are pharmaceutical grade supplements that will have a positive influence on your health.  In my 30+ years in the health and fitness industry, I have seen the results in people's lives as a result of taking quality nutrition products to supplement their diets. 


I will always stack the odds in my favor but be taking Nutritional Supplements.   I would strongly encourage you to do the same!

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