Do You Need Nutritional Supplements – Part 2

In part two I will continue in explaining why vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, supplementation is necessary.

Crop Nutrition Losses

The United States through the early 1900’s was primarily an agrarian nation with a majority of people working on family farms and raised everything the family and selling the remaining farm products to local merchants and neighbors. Today, corporate farming with large corporate entities now supply the bulk of the food for most of our nation and the world. Agricultural Studies from 1940 to 1991 show that up to 76 percent of some key vitamins and minerals were actually missing from our soil and our our crops. Even though our fruits and vegetables we see in our local grocery look good and healthy most are nutritionally dead.

Nutrient Variance

If I go out and pick a fresh ripe tomato from my organic garden and compare the nutrient content with the tomato you would purchase at a grocery store do you think there’s going to be a difference?  We know there’s a difference in the nutrient content between one fruit or vegetable compared to another. How do you as an individual control that unless you’re growing all of your food in your own gardens or pastures?

Food Selection

The majority of our families pass down our menu’s and our traditions when it come to food selections. We tend to eat the same foods, cooked the same way from generation to generation.  The food selection tends to be very limited getting very narrow, we don’t eat the wide range of foods that is required for a healthy nutritional profile. The result – nutritional deficiencies!  The corporate farming model we have in this country has lead to limited varieties of our crops. We have one main variety of corn, one variety of bell pepper, etc. leading to more nutritional deficiencies.

Food Omission

There are so many people today that have allergies to multiple foods the result is the omission of multiple food in their diet. Today, how many millions of Americans are on so kind of crash diet. There are so many diet programs that eliminate foods that will lead to various nutritional challenges. Any nutritionally restrictive program even a vegetarian option will require a close monitoring or your nutritional profile.


Nutritional imbalances and deficiencies are real and the situation most of us find ourselves.  Do You Need Nutritional Supplements? Yes! A good quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement that actually gets absorbed into the body, into the cells – that’s nutrition!

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